Bill Flores - My Beliefs

The 17th Congressional District is a fundamentally conservative area. We deserve to always have a Representative who takes a leadership role in Congress to do the following:

  • Stop the big government expansion and the "social justice" agendas of liberals like Barack Obama, and
  • Further the ideals of our Founding Fathers by putting forward more common sense, limited government solutions for the challenges facing our nation.

If you are like me, you are troubled by a Congress that seems disconnected from reality. For many years, Congress has been dominated by two types of Representatives: those who believe new government programs coupled with increased taxes are ALWAYS the answer or those who lack the courage to stand up and stop this madness. All of us know that spending beyond our means does not create prosperity . . . it sets the stage for economic disaster.

After thirty years of working in the private sector balancing budgets, dealing with recessions, meeting payrolls, and helping grow companies with good jobs, I know we can do better. I’m honored that the people of the 17th District have placed their faith in me to try to change the big government culture in Congress.

With your support in 2010, we built a movement to reclaim this district and deliver limited government representation – I need your continued support in our mission to deliver common-sense, conservative solutions to rebuild our economy, stop government expansion, and protect our nation.

I hope you will read my thoughts on the issues and join our campaignwe look forward to hearing from you!