Lowering Health Care Costs and Expanding Coverage

In 2009, Congress passed several bills to enact Obamacare – this misguided program will do more harm than good to reducing the costs and expanding delivery of health care in America.

Congressional Budget Office estimates and a number of other evaluations showed that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama’s plans for health care will: increase costs, increase our federal debt, reduce coverage, remove millions of seniors from their current Medicare plans, harm your relationship with your doctor, and punish our doctors, hospitals, and small businesses.

The arrogance with which the majority in Congress ignored the will of American people and proceeded down this devastating path was simply astounding.

Since the start of my first term as your Representative I have been working to stop these destructive policies while promoting common sense, free market solutions to lower costs and expand coverage.

Millions of Americans would be better served by several simple changes we can make.

  • Allow small businesses to band together so they can negotiate across state lines for more comprehensive and affordable plans just like big businesses and labor unions do.
  • Enact permanent tax deductions for the premiums individuals pay for the health care of their families.
  • Pass medical malpractice and tort reforms so we can stop runaway lawsuit abuse which sucks billions of dollars from health care providers and causes vast expenses because more doctors practice "defensive medicine".
  • Allow expanded coverage for wellness and prevention programs.
  • End the practice of denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions or terminating coverage because of catastrophic illnesses.

These are simple changes – they are common sense changes and as your Representative, I will continue to fight for them in Congress.