Limited Government Conservative

Unlike a lot of folks in Congress, I do not believe government gets better just because it gets bigger. I do not think there is a government solution to every challenge our country faces. In fact, it is all too apparent that many government programs have simply grown too big to succeed. There are numerous tangible examples of these failures, which include Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and bankrupt entitlement programs. Right now, the government spends too much and is borrowing well beyond its long-term means.

Growing up in a small town in the Panhandle taught our family to rely on our own hard work, perseverance, and create our own opportunities to realize our dreams. We did not look to government to make our lives easier or give us something we did not earn.

I believe it is time our nation got back to basics – learning to live within our means, stopping excessive spending, decreasing taxes, and stopping the encroachment on our personal liberties. That is why I will always fight for the following principles:

  • A balanced budget amendment;
  • Cutting wasteful or duplicative programs;
  • Cutting taxes to help families and small businesses; and
  • Preventing the government from expanding its powers beyond those enumerated in the Constitution.

We can start by eliminating all earmarks - While earmarking does not represent a huge portion of the overall budget, it creates a corrupt culture of trading votes for favors. We saw some of the worst examples of this culture in the “vote buying” that occurred during the 2009 health care debates. Additionally, the folks in Congress have shown no restraint in the growth of earmarks and ridiculous projects this money is going to fund. It is time we stopped the practice all together – America got along just fine for a couple of hundred years without earmarks.

Embracing term limits - I also believe in the notion of citizen legislators who are limited in the number of terms they can serve. Congress is full of career politicians who have no experience outside of government and whose focus has become serving special interests instead of the interests of our families. It is time we capped the number of years our Representatives can serve and ensure we can get new blood and new ideas into Congress.