AMERICAN Energy Development

If there is one aspect of America’s economy that I know well it is the energy industry. I can tell you first hand; this is one industry that has literally been hamstrung by people in Congress who put politics, radical ideas, scare-mongering rhetoric, and grandstanding ahead of AMERICAN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE.

For thirty years, I helped explore, produce, and develop oil and gas resources with which our nation has been so richly blessed. I am proud to have helped our nation power our cars, warm our homes, and keep our businesses growing with reliable American energy sources. I know we can make America the world’s energy leader and create thousands of good paying jobs for our families.

We all know that if we do not have energy security, we will not have economic opportunity. It is time we stopped putting petty politics based on dubious “agenda-driven, scientific” research ahead of creating more American energy. We literally have hundreds of years of energy resources under our feet and below our waters waiting to be produced with safe, environmentally sound practices – we just need the will of Congress to change so we can begin developing more of our own oil, natural gas, oil shale, clean coal, and geothermal resources.

We should also be eliminating barriers to create new nuclear power plants – it is proven to be safe, clean for our environment, and a cost effective energy source for our families. If we are truly concerned about producing long-term, “base load” electric power with a low carbon footprint, we should vastly grow our nuclear power facilities.

Furthermore, with an eye to the future, we should expand incentives to allow more wind, next generation solar, and other energy technologies to emerge. In this area, Gina and I have put our money where our mouth is by installing a solar power system on our house—according to our local utility, this system is the largest solar installation in our electric service area.

American energy dependence is quite simply a strategic national priority – growing our energy industry keeps more dollars here at home instead of going to unstable nations, CREATES GOOD AMERICAN JOBS, powers domestic economic growth, and helps us keep prices down so we can afford cold winters and hot Texas summers.

As your Representative, I will always stand up to fight FOR American energy independence and AGAINST liberal Cap and Tax programs which will stifle domestic energy development, kill our economy, and cause the export of American jobs.